L’eredità della primavera araba, ovvero il lungo inverno delle donne tunisine

By on Novembre 3, 2017

The Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia – started on December 2010 – has recorded, since the very beginning, a strong participation of women. They have been involved in the revolutionary processes, first, manifesting in squares and streets during the protests and, later, being elected as members of the NCA (National Constituent Assembly). The new Constitution of January 2014, in fact, widely recognised women’s rights based on the fundamental principles of equality and parity between sexes. Three years later, though, implementing rules are still to be approved and constitutional guarantees seem to be nothing but “ink on paper”, raising doubts about the path of definition of national identity (still-going on in the re-born Republic of Tunisia) undertaken.


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Andrea Buratti, Alessandra Di Martino, Cristina Fasone, Giuseppe Martinico, Anna Mastromarino, Oreste Pollicino, Giorgio Repetto, Raffaele Torino