Teoria della Costituzione, teoria dei diritti fondamentali, teoria delle fonti: una e trina

By on Settembre 16, 2021

The paper highlights the methodical aporias found in the current jurisprudence and doctrine in constitutional theory, fundamental rights theory and theory of sources, focusing specifically on the unnatural entry of a theory of formal-abstract sources into a axiological-substantial theory of the Constitution. This work underlines the fluctuations and contradictions of the constitutional case law with regard to the relationship between the Constitution and the other Charters of Rights as an emblematic expression of the overall lack of an organic theory of Charters that is slow to mature and become visible in some of the most salient experiences of constitutional justice.


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Andrea Buratti, Alessandra Di Martino, Cristina Fasone, Giuseppe Martinico, Anna Mastromarino, Oreste Pollicino, Giorgio Repetto, Raffaele Torino