La giuridificazione della relazione di cura e del fine vita. Riflessioni a margine della legge 22 dicembre 2017, n.219

By on Dicembre 7, 2018

The essay aims to provide an analysis of Law N. 219/2017 on informed consent and advance directives. Although medically assisted death and assisted suicide are still not recognized, the…

La fecondazione post mortem: irriducibile ossimoro o nuova frontiera del biodiritto?

By on Settembre 21, 2018

Recently some jurisprudential novelties, linked to the use of medically assisted procreation, have reignited the debate on family law and on the limits to the usability of some peculiar…

Libertà di ricerca scientifica come limite all’intervento penale?

By on Luglio 24, 2018

The essay aims at exploring the relationship between criminal law and freedom of scientific research. It focuses on both the possible criminalization of conducts that constitute exercise of freedom…