Alberto Alemanno


EU-bashing and olive oil : a tale of EU skepticism, political opportunism and weak EU citizenship

By on 22 Luglio, 2013

How a well-intentioned EU initiative turned into a
Commission’s ‘own goal’ and why this shouldn’t have not happened. A worrying
combination of political self-interest, media amplification and weak trust in
the EU…


Airline ‘fat taxes’ on obese travellers? A bad idea that won’t fly

By on 2 Maggio, 2013

Whyis it that most airlines charge passengers for excess
luggage but do not charge them basedontheir individual weight? At a time of high fuel costs and experimental lifestyle
regulatory action, economists,…


Horsemeat scandal turns into a food safety crisis

By on 7 Marzo, 2013

Although the current horsemeat scandal has been depicted as an instance of fraud and mislabeling generated by a single source, it is progressively escalating into a broader food safety…


The Snus’ Trap: on Commissioner Dalli’s Resignation

By on 10 Dicembre, 2012

While it is not mystery that the lobbying activities by the tobacco industry have been unprecedented over the revision of the EU tobacco products directive, nobody would have expected…


Cass Sunstein stops nudging from the White House

By on 13 Settembre, 2012

The White House yesterday announced the departure of Cass Sunstein, Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, and one of the closest and most influential…