Cesare Pinelli   

Il precario assetto delle fonti impiegate nell’emergenza sanitaria e gli squilibrati rapporti fra Stato e Regioni

By on Aprile 24, 2020

The contribution aims to focus on the constitutional issues arising from the Covid-19 emergency. Firstly, it is to try to provide an explanation of the Italian Government choices to…

Il principio di dignità e la giurisprudenza sui diritti dei richiedenti asilo

By on Novembre 6, 2018

Moving from a theoretical recasting of the “right to have rights” in the works of Hannah Arendt, the author deals with some critical stances on the legal treatment of…

Illiberal regimes in the perspective of comparative constitutionalism

By on Aprile 18, 2017

Illiberal regimes are generally defined as regimes in which neither democracy nor fundamental rights are granted, and in which rule of law is substantially disregarded. Instead of attempting a…

Corti e diritti diritto

La démocratisation par voie législative après la transition à la démocratie

By on Maggio 1, 2012

Commission de Venise-Association internationale de droit constitutionnel
1er Atelier interculturel sur la démocratie
Processus constitutionnels et processus démocratiques, les expériences et les perspectives
Marrakech, 29-30 mars 2012

1. Définitions de ‘démocratie’ et de…