Political elections in Greece. First reform measures of the new Government at a crossroad between international debt and humanitarian crisis*

* In corso di pubblicazione sulla Rivista "Civitas Europa. Revue juridique sur l'evolution de la nation et de l'Etat en Europe",  Parigi, IRENEE, ISSN: 1290-9653, Sezione: Cronache Costituzionali.

Anticipated elections in Greece were held on January 2015 and were won by the anti-austerity left party Syriza with 36,5% of the votes. The party based its electoral programme on ending anti-crisis austerity measures in the context of a dramatic social crisis that Greek people face since the outbreak of the financial-economic crisis in 2007. Austerity measures were required in exchange for monetary bailout by the tripartite committee (Troika) formed by the European Commission (EC), European Central Bank (ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF). The Greek government has been in talk with the international community since 2010 for a monetary bailout to prevent default and has implemented various austerity measures and structural reforms overseen by the Troika, including cuts to public and social expenditure, in exchange for money.

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