Liberal Love for Antonin Scalia

Fonte:  - 14 febbraio 2016


Antonin Scalia was my hero. He was deeply conservative. He belittled lawyers. His opinions, especially in dissent, could be downright nasty. No justice in the Supreme Court’s history insulted his colleagues more, or more memorably. He was as aggressive and outspoken as I am reserved and cautious. He was a smoker. He was, in short, everything I am not. But I have looked up to him for years.

I am not alone among liberal legal scholars. We think we’re right about the law, just as Justice Scalia did. We think we’re right about legal method, just as Justice Scalia did. We are prepared to defend a “living” Constitution just as vigorously as he defended a “dead” one (his word, not mine). But when we talk, no one listens.

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