The European Union to the democracy test*

* Text prepared as part of an informal consultation with the Jean Monnet professors, initiated and coordinated, at the request of the President of the European Commission, by Profs. Dusan Sidjanski and Fausto de Quadros.


This is a timely call for reflecting on “the best institutional framework for the Eurozone, in order for it to function in the most efficient, transparent and democratic way,” and, in a broader sense, on the prospective of a “political (federal) Union.” In times of crisis of the European integration project, ever more exposed to the distrust especially of young generations faced with dramatically high unemployment rates, and contrasted by anti-European political movements, any such reflection brings about the problem of popular consensus, required in order to carry out that project. Therefore, my approach will go along the line of the relationship between European citizenship and democracy, pointing out the need for a politically meaningful interaction between
Parliament and Commission, in the light of the democratic principles laid down in the Lisbon Treaty.

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