Antonia Baraggia


Who is the Master of the Treaties? The Compact Theory in Karlsruhe

By , on Maggio 15, 2020

1.The European Treaties: a “Compact”?
We are still trying to understand the implications of the shocking decision by the German Constitutional Court (BVG) on the Public Sector Purchase Programme (PSPP)…

Introduction Economic Inequality as a global constitutional challenge

By , , , on Ottobre 25, 2019

Pubblichiamo in anteprima l’introduzione al numero speciale monografico sul tema “Introduction Economic Inequality as a global constitutional challenge” che sarà disponibile dalla prossima settimana.

The ‘judicialization’ of emergency: the case of the Eurozone Crisis

By on Ottobre 20, 2017

The paper deals with the role played by the judiciary during the Eurozone crisis, comparing the attitudes of national supreme courts (in Portugal, Italy, Greece, Latvia and Romania) and…