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The final blow to the Hungarian law lowering judges’ retirement age struck by the European Court of Justice

By on Novembre 26, 2012

After the Venice Commission (see a previous post here), with its Opinion no. 663/2012 issued in May, and the Hungarian Constitutional Court’s decision delivered in July (available in Hungarian…


The Venice Commission on the new Hungarian Constitutional Court Act

By on Luglio 9, 2012

The extensive dialogue between the Venice Commission and the Hungarian government continues. On 19 June the Venice Commission published its opinion on the  new Constitutional Court Act of Hungary…


The Venice Commission’s Opinion on the independence of the Hungarian judiciary

By on Maggio 14, 2012

The Venice Commission issued a new opinion concerning the Hungarian legal system on 19 March, examining two cardinal laws regulating the judiciary (Opinion no. 663/2012). This is only the…


Hungary: The Constitutional Court annulled some provisions of the media laws

By on Gennaio 9, 2012

On December 19 the Hungarian Constitutional Court delivered a decision (no. 1746/B/2010 – for the moment available only in Hungarian) which annuls some provisions of the Act on the…


Hungary: the new Constitutional Court Act

By on Dicembre 15, 2011

On November 14 the Hungarian Parliament (with 252 votes in favour and 105 against) adopted a new law on the Constitutional Court (Act no. 2011/CLI). This new law is…


Cinque nuovi giudici alla Corte costituzionale ungherese

By on Dicembre 1, 2011

La nuova Costituzione ungherese aumenta il numero dei giudici costituzionali da undici a quindici che continueranno ad essere eletti tutti dal Parlamento a maggioranza dei due terzi. La nuova…


The new Hungarian Constitution and Europe

By on Luglio 25, 2011

The new Hungarian Constitution has not yet entered into force and Europe’s two leading international organisations (the Council of Europe and the European Union) have already issued an opinion…

Corti e diritti diritto

Nuova Costituzione ungherese adottata e promulgata

By on Maggio 13, 2011

Si è concluso la fase di redazione della nuova Costituzione ungherese. (Del processo di redazione e per un introduzione ai fatti antecedenti vedi qui e qui.) Lunedì 19 aprile…

Corti e diritti diritto Metodo e storia

Constitution-making in Hungary – the final stage

By on Aprile 9, 2011

Hungary continues to focus on the drafting of its new Constitution (see also a previous post on this topic in this blog). On March 9 the government published a…

Corti e diritti diritto

Hungary is drafting a new Constitution

By on Marzo 10, 2011

Last week (on February 15) the Hungarian Parliament started to discuss a draft laying down the fundamental principles of the new constitution proposed by the government. It is now…