Katalin Kelemen


La dignità umana delle persone senza fissa dimora. Secondo la Corte costituzionale ungherese non esiste un diritto di rifiutare l’aiuto offerto dallo stato

By on 18 Luglio, 2019

Con una sentenza emessa all’inizio di giugno, la Corte costituzionale ungherese ha rigettato una serie di ricorsi che riguardavano la costituzionalità di una norma (art. 178/B della Legge n….


The Agreement on a Unified Patent Court cannot be ratified by Hungary, the Constitutional Court says

By on 1 Agosto, 2018

In a decision delivered on 26 June (Decision no. 9/2018 AB – the official English translation was released on the Court’s website this week), the Hungarian Constitutional…


The Hungarian Constitutional Court enters the dialogue on national constitutional identity

By on 30 Marzo, 2017

In a long-awaited decision published in December (Decision no. 22/2016 (XII.5.) AB of 30 November 2016, the only one officially translated into English that year), the Hungarian Constitutional Court…

The decision-making process of European constitutional courts. A comparative perspective

By on 13 Ottobre, 2016

Mathilde Cohen, in her study on supreme and constitutional courts’ organizational cultures, hypothesised that there is a reciprocal influence between a court’s institutional design and the style of its…


EU court strikes down the language regime of EPSO’s recruitment process

By on 2 Novembre, 2015

On 24 September the General Court annulled three competition notices which require the candidates to choose English, French or German as their second language and as the language of…