Garanzie formali ed indipendenza sostanziale delle corti nell’esperienza britannica

By on Febbraio 5, 2019

In the English common law system, separation of powers is understood very differently from Continental Europe. Indeed, constitutional evolution in Continental Europe has been marked by the emergence of…

A lesson still to be learned. The lasting modernity of Cesare Beccaria for the Italian and European legal orders

By on Dicembre 9, 2017

Most of the thinkers that have built the backbones of the rule of law cannot be defined as “jurists” in the strict sense of the term. Or, more to…

Le finzioni di Marbury vs. Madison e la rule of law d’America

By on Giugno 21, 2017

Note in margine a una rilettura di Paul W. Kahn, The  Reign  of  Law  –  Marbury  v.  Madison  and  the Construction  of  America  (Yale  University  Press,  New  Haven/London, 1997,…